If your question isn't answered here, on my resources page, or in my TOS+Arkit Information documents, please contact me via my email [email protected] or through my Twitter DMs.
My response may be slow.

  • Can you port this model to VRChat, Beat Saber, etc.? No, I'm sorry. I currently only offer the basic .FBX file(s), .VRM, and .PMX. I do not currently plan on offering VRChat or Beat Saber, nor any other game compatibility officially.

  • Insert question regarding Blender, Unity etc. here. Not to be rude, but Google is free. Please at least research your question first before coming to contact me about technical support, especially if it's not in regards to a project I have worked on.

  • Do you offer individual assets/outfits/hair? Yes, however I'm quite picky with them as I want to keep my workload with primarily full model slots. I have a higher priority for individual assets like these for those who I've already worked with/repeat customers/those who have ordered full models from me. For the most part, I recommend looking into a different 3D artist that does currently and consistently does 3D asset addon commissions.

  • Why are 3D models so expensive? This is currently my job. I work every day, 7-8 hours and weekends on my queue, and full models typically take around a full week or more of work to complete. I'm incredibly grateful that people are interested in my models and my work, but I don't intend on undercharging for days upon weeks of work. Please find someone else if you take issue with this, as there are many more people who work in my field. Even then, I can't guarantee that they won't charge more than me, as I charge kind of low compared to other 3D Vtuber artists.

  • Can you make designs that do not belong to me? In most to all cases, no. I make exceptions for incredibly generic clothing and "cosplays", but for the most part no. You must own the design that you give to me.

  • Can you get me on your queue/Can I reserve a spot on your queue? I cannot guarantee that ANYONE can get on my queue at a given time. I open my applications once I nearly get through my waitlist, and even then, I typically get more applicants than I do slots. I choose my queue based on my interest in the design/project offered to me. I do not do first-come-first-serve, and I do not accept reservations before my applications open.

  • Do I need the commercial license if I stream? Yes. If you will make some kind of monetary gain using my work, you will need the license. I currently do not charge royalties past this point.

  • What plugin/shortcut/etc. do you use to make your iPhone/Arkit tracking? I don't use plugins/addons like Faceit or HANA tool. I make my ARkit blendshapes from scratch, by hand, in Blender.

  • Do you NEED an iPhone X or newer for ARKit tracking? Highly preferably, yes, you do, in order to use all 52 shapekeys that are included for the tracking. There is an alternative for Android, called Meowface, however it isn't nearly as expressive as Apple's Truedepth camera.

  • When will your applications open? I try to keep that information up to date on my Trello, which can be found through my "QUEUE" button. If it isn't accurate, check my pinned post if I have one.

  • Do you accept character design work? Normally no, officially. However, I will under special circumstances (i.e. working with a business, collaborations, special events, etc.).

  • Do you accept work for 3D model glitch fixing, porting to MMD/VRM, etc. on it's own? No. I do not offer work that alters the mesh of 3D models not made by me, other than ARKit tracking work (which I require documented permission from the modeler and have restrictions on what models I can and cannot edit [please read my ARkit tracking info document linked on my commissions page]).

  • Hand tracking rigging/info? As long as your model has rigged and weight painted hands, they will be compatible with Leap Motion/Ultraleap hand tracking. Just make sure they're set up properly in the VRM humanoid by either the FBX importer in Unity or through the Vrm addon for blender. I do not offer character rigging/weight painting commissions on their own.

  • Are you interested in any NFT/Crypto/Metaverse related projects? No, and I never will. Do not DM or email me asking me about NFTs or Crypto, because I will say no, and likely block you.

If dming on Twitter, please just ask the question in your first DM instead of just sending "Hi" or "Hey". Sorry if this is rude, I just get a lot of dms and I'm already a good bit slow trying to get back to people that contact me, so please be as upfront and straightforward about your question/inquiry.

Model base price is 800 USD. This includes the head and nude base model (no hair, Barbie doll nudity).
Addons don't have a solid price and fluctuates with the complexity of the design. However, the typical price of an outfit and hair range from 300-400 + USD.
By default, my models are in .FBX and .BLEND format and include their .PNG texture files.
I include Substance Painter and/or .PSD files upon request.

  • Conversion to .VRM format- 30 USD

  • Conversion to .VSFAVATAR format (Custom shader, physics etc.)- 35 USD

  • Conversion to .PMX format- 45 USD

  • ARKit/iPhone blendshapes for .VRM format models not made by me is priced at 95 USD. If ordered with a full model/base model, the price is 50 USD.

  • Commercial/Monetary usage license- 35% overall upcharge of the total price of the model. I do not charge royalties after this.

  • Base price for extra blendshapes/shapekeys is 2 USD. Price above this is case-by-case, resulting in new mesh being made, alterations, etc.

  • Base price for simple looping animations for VSFavatar files is 10 USD each. Price raises with complexity, please inform me and ask.


Full model orders are typically priced at 1800-2200+ USD. Most clients need a commercial license and order VRM conversion+ARKIT blendshapes+full outfits/hair sets. I can usually complete a single full model order within a 5 day-2 week period. I work 7-8 hours a day, including Sunday. I take major American holidays and Saturday off.

Hello! I'm Mads and I'm a 21 year old 3D modeler/character artist! I currently work primarily with Vtubers.If you're looking for a portfolio where you can see my works, check out my Deviantart or my art only Twitter! I currently do not have a full site, but I plan on getting one in the future.My logo and Twitch overlays were made by @hopelessbay_.
Header art on Twitter+dA made by @cyberpyunk.

Some facts about me:

  • I love the Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku series, Vocaloid/Vocal synths, NJPW, and rhythm games!

  • I love designs with bright colors, lots of different textures, sparkles, and shiny things.

  • Quite a huge fan of clown/jester/mime aesthetics!

  • I don't actually actively watch any anime; I just really like the art style. I'm sorry.